On the initiative of #inFreiburgzuhause and Jazzhaus Freiburg, the Jazzchor will give its very first streaming concert on March 14th, 2021. It is also the choir's first concert
since the lockdown in November.

The choir is performing with its current program Infusion, which will be enriched with a few surprises. Please switch on! The concert is free - a donation is welcome.

Go directly to the live stream here

Jazzchor Freiburg presents its new video of Björks Hit „Jóga“ in a special arrangement of Lukas DeRungs. The video was shot under the direction of David Brooke and the cameraman Matthias Klingner in Jazzhaus Freiburg. Torun Eriksen can be seen as a soloist.


Jazzchor Freiburg responds to the call of Munich Philhamonic, the BR Symphony Orchestra and the Bavarian State Opera on Monday, November 2nd, 2020 - the day on which the entire culture industry in Germany was shut down a second time in 2020. This video clip under the hashtag #SangUndKlanglos has been recorded to draw attention to the fact that without art, music and culture it will be completely quiet in Germany.


Jazzchor Freiburg performs "Mironczarnia" by the Polish composer Jakub Neske. It is the musical version of the poem by Miron Bialoszewski, in which the protagonist describes his difficulties in finding the right words for his poem.

The recording was made during a concert on September 19, 2018 in Zurich-Wallisellen.


Jazz Corner is the largest web portal of jazz music, originated in New York. They´ve now listened to Jazzchor Freiburg´s CD Infusion and came to the following conclusion:

"Their most recent studio album, Infusion, is really all about combining great melodies with sophisticated arrangements, bringing a different twist to the music. [The opener "Joga"] sets the mood for the entire record, and it represents the group's blend of lightheartedness and sophistication, making for a unique vibe."

Read the entire article here.