Music video "Pools" about "Pools with two jazzchoir figures" (2022)
Music video "Der Mond ist aufgegangen" (2017)
Jazzchor Freiburg & New York Voices: Open Invitation (2021)
Program "Infusion" (2019)
Jazzchor Freiburg performing "Palettes" at Eurovision Choir Contest 2017
Concert "Circle Songs" with Roger Treece (Mai 2014)
Music video "Jóga" with Torun Eriksen (2021)
Music video "African Call" (2012)
Jazzchor Freiburg performung "Are You Going With Me" (2021)
Jazzchor Freiburg in German TV show "Kaffee oder Tee" (July 2019)
Anniversary concert – 25 years of Jazzchor Freiburg (Dec. 2015)
"Mironczarnia" in Zürich (Sept. 2018)
The program "Schwing!" (2015)
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