Januar 2016

from "The Recorded A Cappella Review Board" (RARB)
By Malcolm Piper | January 4, 2016

How does the sound of singing shape a song? In a cappella, the sound of singing is omnipotent. We sing rhythm with the staccato sounds of onomatopoeic syllables; ambiance with the resonant sounds of "hum"s, "oo"s, "oh"s, and "ah"s; melodies and harmonies with the familiar sounds of words; and even full-fledged percussion with the atonal sounds of smacking lips and clacking tongues. Unaccompanied by the textures and tones of other instruments, the sound of singing makes a song feel wholesome and friendly and round. It invites you to interpret the many sounds of singing and to imagine yourself joining in on any one of them.